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The Receptionists at the Selsdon, South Croydon surgery.

Debbie Spicer - Receptionist.
Rosemary Glover.
Jo Robinson.
Fiona Jacques.

Fiona Jacques - Receptionist.

Fiona came along in June 2012 and was the baby of the family until Sue started.

She left work in the aviation field to start a family but has now joined our family.

Fiona has now taken over the mantle from Debbie now she has retired after 27 years with us!

Rosemary Glover - Receptionist.

Rosemary joined us in August 2011 after taking early retirement and works 1 day a week.

She keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Jo Robinson - Receptionist.

Jo joined us in May 2012 working 1 day a week and covering holidays

as all the others do.

She brings calmness in times of crisis.

Stacey Maloney - Receptionist.
Stacey joined in March 2016 providing holiday and sickness cover to the other receptionists and is settling in well.
Sue Meller - Receptionist.
Fiona Jacques.
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