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The Receptionists at the Selsdon, South Croydon surgery.

Debbie Spicer - Receptionist.
Rosemary Glover.
Jo Robinson.
Fiona Jacques.

Fiona Jacques - Receptionist.

Fiona came along in June 2012 and was the baby of the family until Sue started.

She left work in the aviation field to start a family but has now joined our family.

Fiona has now taken over the mantle from Debbie now she has retired after 27 years with us!

Rosemary Glover - Receptionist.

Rosemary joined us in August 2011 after taking early retirement and works 1 day a week.

She keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Jo Robinson - Receptionist.

Jo joined us in May 2012 working 1 day a week and covering holidays as all the others do.
She brings calmness in times of crisis. During the rest of the week she works in the family solicitors business.
Stacey Maloney - Receptionist.
Stacey joined in March 2016 providing holiday and sickness cover to the other receptionists and is settling in well.
Sue Meller - Receptionist.
Sue joined us in July 2016 coming from a hospital admin background working the equivalant 2 days a week as a valuable part of our team of receptionists who look after our patients and podiatrists and the administration that goes with it. She also treads the boards in am dram at the Chruchill Theatre Bromley.
Fiona Jacques.
Holly Vigor - Saturday Receptionist.
Holly joined us in February, 2019 working as a Saturday receptionist whilst studying for her A levels. She is currently learning all about the role as a receptionist and getting to know the patients.
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